About Kevin Andrews’ Purpose

For years I have been mentoring students from all walks of life. I have been doing it in an informal way and have seen generations impacted. I quote Bob Proctor “I have a license to brag about this, because none of it is my material.” After much praying and urging from friends and family I have decided to start sharing my experience, strength and hope.

I come from a lower middle class, severely dysfunctional family. I spent the better part of twenty years destroying every life I came into contact with.

In the late 90’s the birth of my daughter and the desire for true freedom caused me to reach out for change. I learned how to apply principles that have been taught to me by observation, application, and teachings from others that appeared to me at precisely the right time. I have made a decision to become a lifelong student and pass along the principles to living a successful life.

My goal is to bring value to the marketplace and change lives for the better.


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