Paradigms: A Different World

13 03 2009

Paradigms: A different world.

Last week I wrote about paradigms – what they are, how they’ve brought us to where we are, and also how they drive us to where we are going. When I re-read last week’s post, I realized that sometimes my thought don’t always make it out of my head and onto the paper (screen?). I feel I should write a little more about just what a paradigm is: When I was a kid, my parents were always saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “Do you think I’m made of money?” and “We can’t afford it.”  These sayings created my paradigm about money that dictated my actions for decades. Of course I knew that money doesn’t grow on trees but that wasn’t, and isn’t, the point.

The point is that I developed a belief that there is a limited supply of money and that I was only entitled to a little share because, after all, if money grew on trees, we could all have as much as we want! We would just have to go out and pick it off the tree. This was my money paradigm; it was my view of the world, my map, the way I saw things. The concept of creating generational wealth was as foreign to me as walking on the moon. My paradigm was formed by the environment at home, the people around me and the influences of their words and actions.

In an earlier post titled “I subscribe to the philosophy that there is an unlimited supply,”

If you really think about it, there is an unlimited supply of everything – even common sense, if we choose to use it. Is there an end to how much gold there is the world? Can you count the oranges in the world and say that’s all there is? Can you measure how large the universe is? How much can you earn? Is there a limit to any of these, or is the limit one you place upon yourself by your paradigms? I am the one who says ‘I cannot do that,” or I say “that is impossible for me to accomplish.”  Isn’t it strange how everyone else says to me, “You can do whatever you want,” and I am the only one who doesn’t believe it. That is letting my paradigm limit my potential.

You can change your paradigms.

Whatever you want to be, do, or have, is within your grasp. The only things that stop us from being, doing, or having whatever we want is our paradigms. Over the course of the next year, I will speak in detail on how to change your future in ways that can and will alter your life, as well as future generations in your family. The secret is to listen, learn, and apply some simple principles.

I am working with a young man who quit smoking 14 days ago. He has been trying to quit, without success, for a few years. I told him “Start thinking of yourself as a non-smoker. Visualize yourself walking into a crowd of smokers at work and not having the desire to light up.” I also told him to picture himself waking up and drinking his cup of morning coffee and reading the paper without a cigarette. We spent several minutes going through this exercise together changing his mental of himself in regards to the behavior he wanted to change. He wanted different behavior, so he had to start by changing his mental image before his actions could change. The next day he quit smoking. Today he says he doesn’t even miss the habit and it is as if he never smoked. He said he thinks about the new and different scenarios each morning then, throughout the day, his behavior reflects the new picture he has of himself.

We have paradigms built into our lives, patterns of behavior that we simply accept and often have zero clue as to how they got there. We also have no idea how destructive they can be to us. They are assumptions and values that make up the way we view reality – the standards that are the basis for our decision making. The results of today’s actions can be predicted by yesterday’s paradigms.

Paradigm shifts will change our life

Different results can be achieved only by different actions – we have to shift our paradigms to reflect new beliefs, new values, a new view of reality. The young man I am working with experienced a total paradigm shift – the way he viewed himself – and he radically changed his future, in one day!




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